Rock Band For the Rockstar in You

Rock Band for the PlayStation 3 is what every regular guy who dreams of being a rock god must have. Better still, you can have 4 people playing it at the same time. It’s just the thing to have for a party and beats pinning a tail to a donkey or smashing a piñata. Granted, you can have the same experience with Guitar Hero World Tour, but not all of the gods in the pantheon of rock and roll can be found in the said game. Plus, you have what is called downloadable content (DLC in geekspeak), so you can amass tons of new songs for the game.

If you are a gamer and have been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years or you have no idea about what this Rockband game is all about, then here’s a quick rundown. Basically, you match a specific button press to a series of commands which run vertically across the screen. Think about other beat-based games with drums or with you dancing about in a dance pad and you get the picture. Now, most bands have four members. The Beatles have four members. In fact, there is a Beatles version of a Rock band. Anyway, back to the four members. There’s a lead singer, one who plays the lead guitar, the other the bass guitar and finally a drummer. That is exactly what you and your friends get to do in Rock Band. Choose an instrument, turn on the PS3 and the jam session begins. Yes, you don’t fiddle your thumbs over a hand-held controller but you instead get to pull off the commands on controllers which look like the real thing. Right down from the guitars to the drums, and there is even a microphone.

Beat-based games are all the same, you may think. Why bother with Rock Band if you already have Guitar Hero? If you don’t have either but want to buy one, which is better? In the same way that Tekken and Soul Calibur are both fighting games but each takes a different approach to beating the living daylights out of your opponent, the same holds true for Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Rock Band is a bit easier on your fingers and takes less effort to pull off moves compared to the more hardcore Guitar Hero. In fact, there is even a family-oriented Lego Rock Band for kids who were born before Ryu of Streetfighter first gave Ken a serving of Dragon Punch. The advantage to this easier gameplay is obvious. Anyone can pick it up easily and is just the thing to liven up a party where friends and guests may not be ready for a more hard edged game like Guitar Hero. If you want something a bit tamer, go for Rock Band. For a bit more challenging fretting, then choose Guitar Hero. Either way, both are excellent games for that want-to-be rocker lurking inside you.

The only downside to Rock Band is that the price is a bit steep. However, you do get all of the instruments bundled in so you won’t have to go instrument shopping to acquire each piece separately.